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Garage Door Repair Near You in Pueblo

garage door repair near you in Pueblo

Dependable Maintenance and Support For Your Garage Door

Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™️ provides exceptional garage door repair to homeowners across Southeastern Colorado. Our technicians are trained to service all manner of technical or operational issues while providing you the exceptional customer service you deserve.  Not just in Pueblo, the Southeastern Colorado community can turn to the Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™️ for premium offerings, including a broad range of premium products and timely installation. Overhead Door™️ brand technicians won’t stop working until you are fully satisfied with your garage door solutions!


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Garage Door Repair

Broken garage doors bring your day to a standstill, but thankfully you're not stuck idling. We provide 24/7 emergency repair services to get your garage in working order - fast!

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Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken garage door springs can cause damage or serious injury to you and your loved ones. Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™ technicians will provide fast, same day repair to get you going again.

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Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair

Broken garage door openers will keep you off the road. Our certified technicians provide rapid repair services necessary for restoring your garage door's functionality. 

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Keypad and Remote Programming

Reprogram Your Garage Door Opener Remote.

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Planned Maintenance Program

Garage door preventative care will actually save you money in the long run. Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™ offers homeowners planned maintenance programs to better prevent technical issues and malfunctions before they materialize. 

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Additional Repairs & Services

Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation

The Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™️ is the gold standard against which all other garage door companies should be compared. Not only do we guarantee a quick, hassle-free installation of your new garage door, we'll also take full responsibility for the disposal of your old garage door! That's just one example of the difference working with Overhead Door™️ brand makes!

Legacy® 850 Garage Door Opener

Electric Garage Door Openers

If your garage door opener is in need of repair, Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™️ technicians will assess and repair the issue the same day. To make sure we're on top of your garage door safety and care, we provide comprehensive inspections for garage door openers.

Repair Existing Openers

Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™️ offers services for the repair of existing garage door openers at your home!

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

Torsion springs are fundamental to the operation of your garage door, and thus need to be maintained and repaired to prevent dangerous accidents. Our expert technicians can keep your garage safe with thorough repair and maintenance services for your garage door torsion springs.

Repair Off-Track Garage Doors

An off-track garage door can pose a significant danger to you and your family, as being dislodged makes the door far more likely to collapse or fall off its mounting entirely. As a result, fixing this issue should be left to experienced professionals. That's why you should reach out to the Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™️!

Garage Door Panel replacement

Repair Sagging Garage Doors

No home is safe from the natural movements and adjustments of the land it sits on, and so re-aligning your garage door semi-regularly can be a great way to improve the overall safety and efficiency of your garage door. That's why Overhead Door™️ brand technicians are trained to save you time and effort by providing all necessary repairs and adjustments as needed during an inspection.

Garage Door Installer

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Technicians from Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™️ are capable of replacing any damaged or weathered garage door panels, or the entire garage door if need be. No matter the cause for replacement, we have the expertise to keep you covered!

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Garage Door Roller Replacement

As a rule, quiet garage door rollers mean everything is working as it should. However, if something breaks and your garage door rollers go off track, Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™️ technicians can be counted on for hassle-free repair. We can replace or upgrade your door's rollers in minutes. 

Garage Door Cable & Broken Spring Replacement

Despite being essential to the smooth operation of your garage door, garage door cables and springs are incredibly difficult to get access to. While it's important to observe your door springs and cables for wear and tear, repairing or replacing these components of your garage door should be left to professionals. Overhead Door™️ brand technicians are the best in the business as comprehensive cable and spring repair and replacement and should be consulted if you're looking to fix an issue.

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Garage Door Tune-up, Safety Inspections, & Preventative Maintenance

Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™️ technicians can save you the possible hassle of unexpected repairs. We offer comprehensive, routine inspections and evaluations of your garage door to make sure everything is in correct working order. After we've completed our thorough assessment, we'll inform you of our findings and make recommendations to keep your garage door in top shape.

Wireless Keypads

Programmatic malfunctions and physical damage to wireless keypads can be nearly impossible to fix without the right training. Our certified technicians at Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™️ have all the training you'll ever need. We can repair and reset your nonfunctional wireless keypads.

Additional Remotes

Should you need another garage door opener remote for any reason, our certified technicians can sync a new remote to your garage door opener.