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There is no more frustrating time-waster than waking up to a broken garage door opener.

That’s why the Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™ provides a reasonably priced 24/7 emergency repair service. We have a broad inventory of garage door openers, allowing us to provide comprehensive repair when you need it.

With support from the Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™, you never have to let a busted garage door opener dictate your day. Let our experts get your day back on track and get you back on the road.

Garage Door remote reprogram

How it Works

Safety Photo Eye Sensor Maintenance

A frequent cause of problems closing your garage door is the opener’s Photo Eye Sensors. Photo Eye Sensors provide the mechanism in your garage door opener with obstacle and motion data. this makes sure your garage door does not open or close if its path is obstructed by something. The expert technicians from Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™ are ready to provide your home with prompt repair and replacement services.

Troubleshooting garage door

UL 325 Safety Testing

Safety is a homeowner’s number one priority.

That’s why Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™ technicians offer comprehensive UL 325 safety tests for garage door openers across Pueblo and Southeastern Colorado. We will make sure that your garage meets all safety standards, and that all problems are identified before they impact your life.

Trouble shoot safety eyes

Rebalance Garage Door Opener Force Settings and Limits

Every garage door opener is subject to wear and tear, but there are things homeowners can do to minimize issues.

One major cause for garage door wearing is unnecessarily high downforce settings. Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™ technicians are trained to diagnose and resolve this issue, and can identify it before it damages your garage door opener long-term.

Adjust the tension on the chain or belt

Gear and Sprocket Maintenance and Replacement

Garage door opener chains and belts are some of the most vulnerable parts of the machine, as they are frequently exposed and subject to impact with worn gears and sprockets.

Our professional, skilled technicians are equipped to replace and repair your garage door opener gears and sprockets. Contact us to review pricing options and to discuss how best to prolong the lifespan of your garage door!

Trusted Colorado Professionals

At the Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™️, our priority is our exceptional community. This has been true since we came to Pueblo in 1957. It’s our mission to provide dependable, honest, and exceptional service to the homeowners of Southeastern Colorado. After over 65 years, that mission remains unchanged.

Overhead Door Company of Pueblo™️ offers unbeatable installation, maintenance, and replacement services. That, in tandem with the industry-leading products you’ve come to count on, makes our garage door solutions the best in the business. Once you come to Overhead Door™️ brand, you receive dependable, lasting solutions to your garage door and home needs. You can trust that we will not rest until you’re satisfied with the experience. You place your trust in us when you open up your home for garage door maintenance, repair, and installation, and we take that trust seriously.

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